• The purpose of the ONCE Foundation is to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities through the development of programs for the integration of workers, training and employment for people with disabilities.
  • The European Union believes that education has a key role to play in successfully integrating students into the labor market and into society, as well as to the social and economic development of the EU.
  • The Europe 2020 strategy has set the target of reducing early school leavers below 10 per cent among 18- and 24-year-olds, with at least 40 per cent of those between 30 and 34 years of age completing higher education Tertiary level and reduce by at least 20 million the number of people at risk or risk of poverty and social exclusion.
  • One of the eight priority areas of action in the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 is Education and Training. Its aim is to promote inclusive education for students with disabilities, and to increase the number of students with disabilities who successfully enter and finish their studies.


  1. Promote transnational mobility of young people with disabilities.
  2. Promote access to the university for students with disabilities, thus reducing the high rate of early school leaving that characterizes this group.
  3. Give universities the opportunity to reach out and meet those who can potentially be their future students. Identifying opportunities for improvement for your campus.
  4. Improve and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the university community. Not only students but research personnel, teachers and PAS
  5. Disseminate good practices among all the actors involved in the implementation of an inclusive system of higher education.


  • Duration of project: 36 months
  • Erasmus+ grant: 315.100 Euros
  • Partner entities for the development of the project:
    • FundaciĆ³n ONCE (Spain) Promoter
    • AP College Antwerp (Belgium)
    • University of Lisbon (Portugal)


  • In 2016 and 2017 each partner university will organize an inclusive Campus program for students with disabilities in secondary education, with the aim of promoting the transnational mobility of these students who also have the opportunity to know and live first-hand the university experience with activities Of academic divulgation, knowledge of the educational offer of the universities, services available for students with disabilities, and cultural and leisure offer.
  • In 2016 and 2017, each university must select 15 students per Campus Inclusive and year..
  • Five students with disabilities will participate in the Inclusive Campus held in their own country.
  • Ten students with disabilities will participate in the Inclusive Campus held in their own country.
  • Ten students with disabilities in groups of five will participate in the Campus of the other partner universities.
  • Each Campus will also have ten volunteer students.
  • Celebration of two Workshops to disseminate the results of each of the Campus.
  • A methodological and good practice guide will be published in 2018-2019 to implement inclusion in European universities.