Inclusive networking campus

Network of European Inclusive Universities: For the inclusion and transnational mobility of young people with disabilities.


Inclusive Campus of Granada

We started the European Inclusive Campus of the University of Granada

Check the program of activities here

Jornada 2018

  • Equipo de organización INnetCampus Equipo de organización INnetCampus
  • Equipo de organización en la Conferencia final de Amberes, Bélgica Equipo de organización en la Conferencia final de Amberes, Bélgica


Inclusive Campus of Lisbon

Starts on Program of activities Lisbon Inclusive Campus

You can already consult the definitive list of admitted to the European Inclusive Campus program (Spain) INnetCampus.You can consult the final resolution HERE



  • The ONCE Foundation for the Cooperation and Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities was born in February 1988, by agreement of the General Council of ONCE, and presented to the society in September of that same year as an instrument of cooperation and solidarity of the...

  • Approximately 80.000 individuals – students, lecturers and administrative/services personnel- are directly linked with the institution. This university population in a city such as Granada, with its 240,000 inhabitants, has converted the regional capital into a lively and...

  • Founded more than a century ago in 1913, and housed initially at Palácio Valmor in Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, the School has been located in its current building at Cidade Universitária since 1957-58. In 2000, it underwent renovations and expansion, providing the space...

  • AP’s 11.000 students, 24 vocational educations and 8 art programmes, are clustered into 4 faculties and 2 schools of arts. Even though AP University College is very young, its schools of arts have a long history: the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp was founded in 1898, and the...

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